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ARCO Madrid 2018

Ifema – Madrid 21 – 25 February Anouk Kruithof, Indrikis Gelzis     ^  

Art Rotterdam 2018

Van Nellefabriek – Rotterdam  8-11 February Theis Wendt, Filip Vervaet   ^  

Janneke van der Putten – ‘Quitsa’

December 16, 2017 – January 7, 2018 The exhibition will be accompanied by a text by art historian Ina Boiten. PROGRAMME: Saturday  December16, 2017 19:30 | Opening 20:00…

Indrikis Gelzis

^  Indrikis Gelzis (1988) Lives and works in New York. More information following soon.   

Filip Vervaet: ‘Where do we come from?’ / ‘Where are we going?’

October 29 – December 9, 2017 opening reception: Sunday, October 29, 15-18:30hr “”

Robert Roest

^  Robert Roest (1992) Lives and work in Utrecht (NL). More information following soon.   

Unseen Amsterdam 2017

Westergasfabriek – Amsterdam  22 – 24 September Theis Wendt, Lucian Wester, Qiu Yang   ^  

New opening hours

From September 2017 onwards, the gallery will have new opening hours. Friday 13-19hrs Saturday 13-17hrs and by appointment. With our new opening hours, we aim to work more…

Indrikis Gelzis – ‘Between the sheets’

3 September – October 14, 2017 back gallery opening reception: Sunday, September 3, 15-19hr   [Instrumental Intro] [Verse 1] Free your mind and you won’t feel ashamed Feelin’ like…

Just Quist

^  Just Quist (1965) Live and work in Tilburg (NL). More information following soon.   

Robert Roest – Meatware Ecosystem

3 September – October 14, 2017 front gallery opening reception: Sunday, 3 September, 15-19hr In his new series of painting, Meatware Ecosystem, Robert Roest continues his exploration of painting…

Summer show: Łukasz Sosiński / Babette Kleijn

PROLONGED – BY APPOINTMENT ONLY THE EXHIBITION CAN BE VIEWED UNTIL AUGUST 17   July 12 – August 5, 2017 Łukasz Sosiński / Babette Kleijn in collaboration with  Wschód…

Art-O-Rama 2017

Marseille 25-27 August Esther Tielemans (solo booth)     kindly supported by Mondriaan Fund

Just Quist – ‘Pla Lino, did you see that lonny pie’

13 May – July 1, 2017 back gallery opening reception: Saturday 13 May, 6-9 pm   Two works compared to two works. 1    there is this transparency…

Theis Wendt – ‘Synthetic Reveries’

13 may – July 1, 2017 front gallery opening reception: Saturday 13 May, 6-9 pm Bastard Evolution and Beyond. Nature is not what it used to be. It…

Amsterdam Art Fair

Amsterdam 17 – 21 May 2017 Esther Tielemans, Sarah-Jane Hoffmann   ^

Frido Evers

^ Frido Evers (Mainleus, Germany, 1980), lives and works in Oslo.   The theme of a cascading spectacle of the universe, grounded in the harsh materiality of the…

Jakup Auce – ‘Explicit, Scratches and Objects’

22 March – 6 May 2017 opening reception: Saturday 25 March, 6-9 pm In search of an appearance CINNNAMON presents Explicit, Scratches and Objects; the first solo exhibition…

Jon Pilkington – ‘House Pictures’

18 January – 11 March 2017 back gallery At first glance appearing cheerful and seemingly swiftly constructed, paintings by British artist Jon Pilkington belie their complex creation. The…

Esther Tielemans – ‘The Past Inside the Present’

18 January – 11 March 2017 front gallery opening reception: Saturday 21 January, 6-9 pm Those who have followed Esther Tielemans (1976) over the years will know that…

Art Rotterdam 2017

Rotterdam 9 – 12 february 2017 New Art Section: Frido Evers   ^

Johanne Hestvold

  ^ Johanne Hestvold (Bergen, 1988) lives and works in Oslo.   Hestvold studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki, at the Bergen Academy of Art and…

ARCO 2017

Madrid 22 – 26 February, 2017 Opening section: Priscila Fernandes   kindly supported by Mondriaan Fund  

Priscila Fernandes

  ^ Priscila Fernandes (1981, Portugal) Lives and works in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.   Fernandes studied  at the National College of Art & Design (BA Fine Art Painting) in…