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Medicine Breath


Upcoming: Art Brussels 2020

Tour & Taxis – Brussels  23-26 April Discovery: Matthew Allen / Jonathan van Doornum image: Jonathan van Doornum     Kindly supported by Mondriaan Fund

Art Rotterdam 2020

Van Nellefabriek – Rotterdam  6-9 February Solo/duo: Sarah & Charles / Just Quist Projections: Sarah & Charles

Sarah & Charles – ‘A Screening Among Friends’

October 19 – December 14, 2019  South gallery.   Sarah & Charles’ ‘A Screening Among Friends’ revolves around their new video work ‘In the Hands of Puppets’. In…

Robert Roest – ‘Images for Deep Relaxation and Physiological Hygiene (Maximal Recommended Intake)’

October 19 – December 14, 2019  North gallery.   In his 5th series “Images for deep relaxation and physiological hygiene”, Robert Roest researches the relationships between the image,…

Just Quist – ‘Ook, ik, ben dood’

September 13 – October 12, 2019  North gallery. Opening: Sunday, September 15, 14:00hrs   CINNNAMON will open the season with two solo shows. In the North space, we…

Yannick Val Gesto – ‘Imperfect Butterflies’

September 13 – October 12, 2019  South gallery. Opening: Sunday, September 15, 14:00hrs The new works by Yannick Val Gesto are more personal than ever. Val Gesto became…

Jan Bokma

Jan Bokma (the Netherlands, 1980, lives and works in Rotterdam) studied at Academie Minerva, Groningen (NL) and Frank Mohr Institute, Groningen (NL, MFA). Solo exhibitions include: GEM museum…

Matthew Allen

Artist statement “Between the self and the world there exists an osmotic relationship. Materials, objects, environments and the perceiving self interpenetrate and mutually define one another through a…

Jan Bokma – ‘Light for cows’

May 18 – July 6, 2019.  North + South gallery. Opening reception: Saturday, May 18, 17:00-20:00hrs   “More light, more milk. Good lighting in the barn has been shown…

Ballroom Project

During Antwerp Art Weekend. 16 – 19 May.  Artists: Frido Evers, Robert Roest.  Ballroom is a new project by Base Alpha Gallery and DMW Art Space. The first edition of Ballroom will be organised…

Indrikis Gelzis – ‘Pause for the cause’

March 23 – May 4, 2019.  North gallery. Breathe in, breathe out. Now open your eyes. Slowly unfold yourself. Lift your head, stretch your limbs. Unclench your fists….

Riette Wanders – ‘FULL COLOR’

March 23 – May 4, 2019.  South gallery.   Monumental yet intimate (because hand-made drawings always are intimate, no matter the size), the works of Riette Wanders have…

Art Brussels 2019

Tour & Taxis – Brussels.  25 – 28 April.  Artists: Priscila Fernandes, Indrikis Gelzis, Lilian Kreutzberger. Priscila Fernandes presented in collaboration with Division of Labour, Manchester.   Kindly…

Frido Evers – ‘Harvester’

January 11 – March 9, 2019.    Harvester is the first solo show at the gallery by Dutch artist Frido Evers (1980, Mainleus, Germany; lives and works in Oslo)….

Jakup Auce by John Gillis – ‘Digital Distortions’

September 9 – October 13, 2018.  South gallery.

Artissima 2018

Oval Lingotto – Turin.  2 – 4 November.  Priscila Fernandes – ‘Free. To do whatever we’, in collaboration with Division of Labour, Manchester. Text by Vincent van Velsen…

Lars Morell – ‘Fog Reader’

September 9 – October 13, 2018. North gallery. Opening reception: Sunday, September 9, 15-19 hrs.

Lilian Kreutzberger

Lilian Kreutzberger (1984) is interested in the ‘physical shadow’ of what Rosalind Krauss calls ‘the Grid’ (that ‘turns its back on nature’). Her work revolves around the seductive…

Micha Patiniott – ‘Babooshka-ya-ya!’

October 20 – December 1, 2018. 

Boarding Galleries

25- 27 May, 2019.  Artists: Indrikis Gelzis, Just Quist, Sarah & Charles, Theis Wendt, Matthew Allen, Filip Vervaet, Lilian Kreutzberger. BOARDING GALLERIES is a new collaborative event during…

Niek Hendrix – ‘Mouseion’

May 19 – July 7, 2018.  South gallery.

Lucian Wester – ‘Libri’

May 19 – July 7, 2018. North gallery.

Lilian Kreutzberger – ‘Whiteandgold && Blueandblack’

March 17 – May 5, 2018.  North gallery. The Echo of a Shutter Sound Or from infinite strolls to infinite scrolls *Click The way smartphones still make the…