5 september – 17 october 2015

Works from the collection Waskiolty-Feldman

Curated by Catherine Biocca

– Johann Arens
– Catherine Biocca
– Sarah Jane Hoffmann
– Niko Ikonomeas
– Hanna Körner
– Kareem Lotfy
– Christine Moldrickx
– Naïmé Perrette
– Lisa Reitmeier
– Smi Vukovic
– Victoria Wald

“I am a collector.
Collecting can leave a personal and distinctive individual trace. It is re-creating yourself. It is a creative process.
This is the new aspect of art, a collector is an artist who assembles elements that are already art pieces to a new masterpiece.
From a conceptual point of view there is the choice and the definition of his own persona, of the collector in short. Meanwhile from a formal and material point of view it is the choice of assembling the art works of single artists.
To be a collector is to be the new artist.

The protagonist of the art world shifted to a new level: now the artist is incorporated and re-represented within an extraordinary synthesis by the collection of the collector who becomes himself an artist.
Yes, as material I take the artist’s work result and use it to carry forward a new formal and conceptual dimension.
It is like when Pytagoras said: “..look guys, the earth is not flat..” It took quite a while to make the world accept this new fact.

The same thing is happening in the art world right now: my collecion is the art work and I am the artist and the WASKIOLTY-FELDMAN Collection is my masterpiece.”

Ed Waskiolty-Feldman