Manleus, Germany, 1980. Lives and works in Oslo, NO.

The work of the Dutch artist Frido Evers (1981) mainly consists of sculptures, installations, and collages. Evers is fascinated by the limited ability of humans to truly comprehend the greatness of the universe, and thus the essence of our existence. In his own expanding artistic universe, Evers gives shape to this fascination. In his alienating but playful visual language, something of a ritual or spiritual meaning shines through, without being named. Just like in Jodorowski's film classic "The Holy Mountain" there is no rational interpretation. Evers' artistic approach is too independent to go along with ritualism and too intelligent to pass for irony. But above all, Evers is a maker. He masters his techniques and materials like no other, and also regularly refers to industrial processes, especially mining. With finesse and precision, he composes and assembles works in a unique visual language, whether they be space-filling installations or photographic collages.

Evers lives and works in Oslo.