Frido Evers 
January 11 – March 9, 2019

Upon entering the gallery (leaving the urban reality of the streets of Rotterdam) one enters another world: a sacred, magical realm made of light and colour, of stone and metal. The initial experience is one of awe, but stepping into the installation a creeping sense of claustrophobia gets hold: one must squeeze past the tree-shaped sculpture that guards the entrance to the structure of cages that snakes through the gallery space.
Evers has transformed the gallery into his own universe: a modular system of six connected cages forces the visitor to engage in a cosmic journey set out by the artist. Light is used to its theatrical effect, reminiscent of the effect of stained glass windows in churches, while also suggesting a VR computer game world. In games, as well as in many of the myths and legends of the world, the defining notion is the quest. The protagonist (hero, initiate) has to proceed through certain steps (phases, levels, rituals) to reach whatever lies at the end. Harvester structurally replicates this, yet the quest’ here is a more tranquil and reflective experience...