Riga, Latvia, 1988. Lives and works in Riga, Latvia. 

Indrikis Gelzis makes (wall) sculptures in metal, usually adorned with wooden furniture plates and fabrics. These works are reminiscent of a Modernist aesthetic: rational, formal, yet they reek of indoor spaces, be it home or office.
The processes that control modern life are defined by instrumental rationality (Zweckrationalit├Ąt). Yet at the same time, we are mammals, driven by our innate desires. From this tension the work of Indrikis Gelzisis born. Industrial in execution, and referring to modernist aesthetics, Gelzis pays homage to modern life as much as he mocks it.

In recent years, Gelzis has lived and worked in between New York, Antwerp, and Riga. His work is in the collections of the Latvian National Museum of Art, Museum of Recent Art in Bucharest, the Lewben Art Foundation, and numerous private collections.