From September 19, 2020 

Three years ago Robert Roest exhibited his ‘Meatware Ecosystem’ series in his second solo show at the gallery. The series explores a digital aesthetic through the medium of painting – an aesthetic derived from computer games and online media.
Now, we present a selection of works from the  ‘Meatware Ecosystem II’ series (2019), in which the artist follows up on the original series, expanding and deepening his exploration of the idea.
By capturing digitally generated images of light and matter in oil paint on canvas, Roest furthers a tradition in modern and contemporary painting that leans on (and borrows) from photography, while also being rooted in a world-building lineage in western art. The otherworldly imagery in Roest’s ‘Meatware Ecosystem’ works alludes to sublime sci-fi worlds, hellscapes, and microcosms, dangerously alluring; bold yet refined but always irresistible.