Leerbroek, the Netherlands, 1992. Lives and works in Jersey City, NJ, USA

Robert Roest's practice of painting is rooted in both the contemporary world of new media and the history of painting. His work is structured in series of 5-15 paintings. By approaching the work via a serial method he is able to explore the possibilities of his themes from different angles, deploy multiple styles, and keep his work open and not be pinned down on a particular idea or perspective. This structured method is not about artistic freedom, it has everything to do with conceptualizing ideas, thoughts, and themes that Roest wants to address in his work.

In his work Roest explores phenomena like perception, projection, illusion, and representation. It is about the interrelationship between reality and your senses. Briefly, all his work revolves around the questions β€˜can you trust your senses?’ and β€˜Can you believe your eyes?’ The paintings are often about the physical and psychological experience of seeing, incorporating the stories and myths that occupy our psyche. They are about the impact images have on us, not at least the images we see online.