24 October – 21 November 2015

opening: 24 October 17:00-20:00hrs


In ‘Protobodies’, Isabelle Andriessen explores the seemingly rigid boundaries between life and non-life, the sentient and non-sentient, the organic and non-organic. Seemingly rigid, because in Andriessen’s world these boundaries are not so clear. Doing so she aims to question nature as we think it by obscuring the line between ecology and technology. Her artistic research stems from an interest in the notion of adaption in biology – the process by which organisms change to become better suited to survive their environment. She alludes to a world in which adaption runs rampant: genes become open source, biology becomes software, and the distinctions between living organisms, information, objects, and products become irrevocably confused. All matter is vibrant, active and alive, in a continuous state of becoming. Perhaps the most intimate crisis we face today is the limit of human consciousness to really grasp non-human scaled complexity.



photography: Lotte Stekelenburg