Lilian Kreutzberger 
Whiteandgold && Blueandblack
March 17 – May 5, 2018

The Echo of a Shutter Sound
Or from infinite strolls to infinite scrolls

The way smartphones still make the overly intense click sound when a picture is taken, seems to be a nostalgic remnant of a human wont or a mere decorative sound that somehow made its way from the physical space into the digital realm. The shutter sound has become totally obsolete: it used to be an outcome of an actual closure of the shutter, in order to capture a picture on the film. Nowadays, through digital means, there is no film, nor a shutter, however the sound is still present – without any practical relevance.

The mediatic transitions that come along with technological developments have always made certain means outmoded. It is exactly this obsolescence that is created and carries an artistic potency when something has become devoid from its function. Form follows functions – was the Modernist credo. However when the function does not exist anymore, only unnecessary forms remain. And from excess arises a potential to play around, create new applications – and to become art. Especially when considering the Kantian idea of art as things which are defined by an absence from function.